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Black owned businesses need to adopt new marketing strategies



Black owned businesses need to adopt new marketing strategies

Despite all the problems Coronavirus has brought with it, the pandemic has given black owned businesses an opportunity to stop and take stock. The same can be said for black entrepreneurs.

The subsequent lockdown has forced many black consumers online and changed their buying habits. Where previously most purchases were made in person in the local community, the black pound is now being spent online at a growing rate – and that is not going to change. This gives online black business a much needed leveller over traditional brick & mortar retailers.

Black owned businesses need to adopt new marketing strategies

With this newfound opportunity comes the need for black owned businesses to adopt new marketing strategies. BLOWN Businesses have looked at the areas where black owned businesses can make important changes to improve their lead generation and gain new customers.

Improve your customer’s experience

Before chasing new customers, take care of the ones you have. Many overlook this important cornerstone of good business. By consistently improving your customer’s experience, you will ensure that you don’t lose customers to your competitors. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. Traditionally, word of mouth marketing was spread from one person to another based on a positive recommendation. In today’s digital world, taking that recommendation and using it on platforms such as Google, Trustpilot and LinkedIn all adds to a robust word of mouth marketing strategy.

Focus on customer loyalty and retention

As mentioned above, retention of loyal customers is so important. Recommendation from loyal customers are worth their weight in goal. Having a loyal and supportive customer base will make up-selling and cross selling easier when you launch new products/solutions. Focus the right amount of your marketing activities targeting this audience. When potential clients can see you have satisfied customers, you will spend less time and energy trying to impress them.

Black owned businesses need to focus on how they visually appeal to prospects

Get visual with your content

In the past, small black owned businesses would often neglect the visual aesthetics of their business. You cannot afford to make this mistake online. Online, you have split seconds to make an impression and first impressions last. Your business is one of many bidding for attention. If your logo looks cheap or your font is uninspiring, potential customers will keep scrolling until they are impressed.

If you don’t have design skills or the tools, hire someone. Your brand and how you look to clients is fundamental to your success. When it comes to posting on social media, ensure all your visual graphics look great and are unique.

Master one social media platform at a time

If you are not taking advantage of the various social media platforms available to promote your business, you are already late to the party. But arriving fashionably late is okay if you can make an entrance. The best way to do this is by mastering one social media platform at a time. If you prefer Twitter over Instagram, focus on Twitter until you build a big enough audience to spend more time on Instagram. If you are going to do post on a platform, do it properly.

New black owned businesses should focus on mastering one social media platform at a time

Embrace networking opportunity

2021 is going to be the year for black owned businesses in more ways than one. Black owned businesses have a unique window to forge new partners and suppliers who share the same value of supporting other black owned businesses. The BLOWN Network is one of many networking platforms and marketing resources at your disposal. You should embrace every networking opportunity you get with other black owned businesses.


Founding Member of Blown Businesses. Passionate about the growth and success of black owned businesses in the UK. Lover of all things with four wheels and fast. Also Contributing Editor for TrendLife Magazine, a refreshingly bold magazine that brings the best lifestyle and entertainment news to Beds, Herts & Bucks.


My BLOWN Business – Myles Jensen | Jensen & Jensen



Jensen & Jensen explain to BLOWN Businesses how they plan to disrupt the creative solutions industry

How did you start Jensen & Jensen ?

We are two young twin brothers, who have launched many businesses in the past. Some have been successful and many are not here today. This however has not stopped us. We noticed a gap in the market for a youth-driven consultancy and we sought to create something special. Through adversity, we launched Jensen & Jensen with the goal to be a modern-day Satchi & Satchi. That is why we decided to put our name above the door.

What services do you offer as Jensen & Jensen ?

We are a creative solutions agency, our services focus on branding, design and development and digital marketing. My brother and I are also consultants working with legacy brands to provide a fresh off the wall perspective.

Jensen & Jensen explain to BLOWN Businesses how they plan to disrupt the creative solutions industry

Jensen & Jensen explain to BLOWN Businesses how they plan to disrupt the creative solutions industry

What has been your biggest challenge running Jensen & Jensen ?

Working with family, being young founders, an industry that is heavily run by middle-age white men. From the very start, we had to cut above to be heard. Disruptive innovation.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business ?

After going to boarding school, I quickly learnt that I had a problem with authority. The best thing I enjoy about running a business is autonomy and the aspect of waking up each morning to a new challenge. No two days are the same. I love being able to make a difference.

Contact Jensen & Jensen

Contact Jensen & Jensen

Founder Myles Jensen of Jensen & Jensen

Website address

Instagram account


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Three lessons to learn from Pure Gym’s marketing faux pas



Three lessons to learn from Pure Gym's marketing faux pas

There is a belief in business that ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity‘. Whilst this may be true for multinationals with millions to spend on PR, this does not apply to your startup. If for any reason you missed Pure Gym’s moment of marketing madness, which was trending for most of yesterday, you should take a moment to read what went wrong and how you can avoid making a similar mistake.

So what did Pure Gym do wrong?

PureGym has had to issue a formal apology after a local Luton & Dunstable gym posted a ‘slavery-based’ fitness workout five days into Black History Month. Whilst it is obvious that there was no racist intent behind the post, the post was widely condemned and mocked.

Pure Gym's Marketing Faux Pas

In their swift apology, Pure Gym made it clear that the post was not approved by their head office. They went on to add ‘individual gyms control their regional social media accounts’. This could explain why this happened in the first place and is the first of our ‘Three lessons to learn from Pure Gym’s marketing faux pas’.

Three lessons to learn from Pure Gym’s marketing faux pas

1. Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Proverbs will serve you will when starting your business. The old adage of measuring twice and cutting once helps to avoid costly mistakes. In the case of Luton & Dunstable’s Pure Gym, a sanity check would have been more appropriate. Had the post been checked by two different people, this PR disaster might have been avoided. Whilst the negative attention won’t affect Pure Gym in the long term, it could destroy a startup.

In all aspects of marketing your startup business, measuring twice and cutting once will save you money and time. From targeting prospects to launching campaigns, double-check everything to avoid mistakes. You will make some mistakes but you want to make sure they are not going to destroy all your hard work.

2. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Staying on the theme of proverbs, startups must understand when it comes to marketing, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whilst social media can be an amazing tool to generate leads and promote your business, it is very important to remember that it should be used as part of the marketing mix and not as a free marketing platform. Posting for the sake of posting eventually leads to situations like the one Pure Gym is now facing.

Think Before you Speak to avoid marketing faux pas

When it comes to social media, jumping on trends to be noticed can often backfire and should be done with extreme caution. As a startup, gaining the attention of prospective customers and clients should be a top priority. This doesn’t mean you should shoot from the hip. Think carefully about your messaging and what you align your brand with.

3. Two heads are better than one

When it comes to problem-solving, two heads are clearly better than one. The assumption here is that the one head is not a member of mensa. As an entrepreneur, it is important to remember that you don’t have to be an expert in every field. If you are running a startup and you are your team, it makes sense to get advice from a wiser ‘head’ to keep that marketing faux pas at bay.

If you don’t understand Google Adwords, reach out to someone who has experience in running Google Adword campaigns. There are many contacts you can connect with via networking on sites like LinkedIn. Many of these individuals will happily share advice for free. Need help writing a press release? Again, there are many experienced individuals you can reach out to. You may find treating someone to lunch for five minutes of advice may save you from making costly marketing mistakes.

If you have done all the hard work to get your business idea out of your head and created a business, do you really want to risk it? By choosing not to lean on advice from more experienced individuals, you are potentially only one step away from a marketing faux pas that could kill your reputation and business.



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